We plow and cultivate
your digital fields.


The website, the text and your customer.

On the web, you tell a story. In doing so, you ideally deliver three things: First, a good story. Second, a digital portrait. And third, as many interested listeners as possible. We provide all three. Simple.



A website is your company’s digital face. You should make sure it’s not a bad hair day and that you remembered to floss.

An attractive, user-friendly design appeals to and tempts your customer. But the personality of your digital dream image is of course also important.

You want to be reliable and to encrypt your website so that it is secure. Speed is a precondition for success, since speed means a more enjoyable surfing experience, better results in Google and a higher conversion rate. A well-mannered website and a hot design are good, but it’s equally important to be findable in the internet jungle. That is why you optimize your website for search engines as well.



A multilingual webshop that appeals to your audience. If you sell things, showcasing them is a must.

Showcases are beautifully decorated spaces behind a big window. On the pavement are signs that invite passers-by to come in and take a look. And that is the very definition of a webshop. Design and user friendliness are vital. The clearer a webshop is, the faster a visitor becomes a buyer. Less cognitive effort creates more trust in your company and products. If a webshop also offers a good feeling, then there is more of a chance that a buyer becomes a returning customer and even a real fan.

The Baby Cries tekst en afbeeldingen content




A story does not tell itself. And a text that no one really reads has no point.

A consistent and engaging style and a strong verbal identity is an indispensable cog in the machine of a company. 

Fortunately, we have the Baby copywriters. Their smooth style guarantees the right accent for each target audience. They write engaging texts and create high-quality content. 

Creating customers is important, keeping them is equally important, and the pen is a critical weapon in the fight for that customer. 

the baby cries digital marketing

Digital Marketing



We get your brand into the game and help it score on social media. 

Marketing products and services via the internet – simple but not obvious. Building name recognition, connecting with customers and generating revenues are only a few of the aims of internet marketing.

What it comes down to is that The Baby Cries guides relevant visitors to your website and optimises conversion to leave your competitors in the dust. 

The Baby Cries Branding & Strategie

Branding & Strategy


Grow your brand into the face of your industry with a set of smart associations unique to your brand.

A company with a sparkling personality is so much more fun to work with. 

Representatives can lean on and hitch a ride with the strong identity of your business. Customers see a company with an engaging and original face as ‘their’ team and become hard-core supporters more quickly. And suppliers are eager to associate their brand with the mojo of a top-class company.

Your own authentic self, in a self-confident jacket – that is what The Baby Cries can help you create, without you choking on the invoice.

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