Our clients

Big boys who were becoming mature and boring. We gave them the joys of their childhood back.

Small businesses that wanted to leave their mark. We help them find the fields for sewing those oats.

Small independent professionals – we make them into knights on white horses.

Start-ups – we help them out of puberty and make sure they gain some gravitas.

Website and copywriting

Boutique Hotel Les Palétuviers

“The Sine Saloum bay that embraces the hotel is a cultural hotspot. A rich source of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.”

Karolien Pieters runs a hotel in Senegal in a UNESCO-protected mangrove delta. A special hotel in a special place. She asked The Baby Cries to put the soul of this location into words and make it readable in three languages.

We have poured her story into a stylish website.

webshop, copywriting And logo

Interior store Clémot

After an inspiring and successful career in the financial world, Lynn De Canck opted for the world of interior design and lifestyle. Her dream is to create a positive and cozy interior vibe.

We were allowed to dream along with Lynn and built a website and webshop for Clémot. We also provided the texts and images.

Website and copywriting

Lieberman & Woods

Olivier Coppoy is a successful broker and multipreneur from Latem. For the absolute top segment, he wanted a suitable high-end website that makes his exclusive approach clear. We built a very fast website, connected to Zabun and wrote compelling copy.

Website and copywriting

Hotel Torenhof

Artistic hotel in Sint-Martens-Latem

The young owners have renovated the historic home of painter Albert Servaes and have given it a very special interior.

The result is an elegant mix of styles that merge tastefully. We were asked to help shape this ‘Old glory ‘meets’ young and wonder’ with an artistic website and accompanying content.

Website and copywriting


Sabine Van Rode has a passion for rock ‘n roll design. Sabine wanted a ditto website. A powerful look & feel with flashy content.

We brainstormed and built a characterful website with smooth copy for her.

Website and copywriting

The Red Corvette

Anne Soeten is a driven entrepreneur. With her strawberry drive-in, she made the Kastelsedijk the tastiest crossroads in Belgium.

We were asked to set up the social media and come up with catchy names for her smoothies. After the first very successful year, we were also asked to create a website. Delicious is an understatement!

Website and copywriting

Kempen Kayaks

Patrick van Kempen Kayaks came to The Baby Cries with a problem. He wanted an easy, clear and fast system to manage his reservations. His existing website was not very user-friendly and it took too much time to process all the requests.

It had to be faster, easier and more professional for the customer and for Patrick. We built and integrated a user-friendly reservation system. In addition, we designed a brand new website, we looked for cool images and wrote the texts for the website, matching his story

Website and copywriting

Tech Bed Kifaru

International co-working space

 “An African oasis in the green heart of Brussels. A unique place where professionals from different continents can work, work in team, reside and collaborate.”

Debbie and Olivier are the driving forces behind tis unique project. Adventurers, world travelers and socially engaged entrepreneurs. Kifaru is intended as a pied-à-terre for budding talent from Kenya. And also a vibrant HUB for the native Brussels population.

The assignment was clear: a website and a story that fits the soul of the project.

Website, copywriting and logo

Gooise Galerie

“Hand painted stories.”

Ronnie Rokebrand is a celebrated travel author and art connoisseur from the picturesque Blaricum. He wanted to open an online art gallery and online shop. At the same time, it also had to be possible to offer online courses on art movements.

After a few weeks and several brainstorming sessions with Ronnie, we were able to put the art gallery he had in mind online.

Website and copywriting

In Statèra

Kristin wants to provide people with the right professional tools to balance their lives and promote their personal development.

We were allowed to put her story into words and pour it into a beautiful web design.

Website and copywriting

Hilton Doodles

Laurence Portelani was immediately sold after meeting Jo-Lynne, her Australian Labradoodle puppy. Soon the idea grew to set up her own hobby breeding.

We built a cute website for Laurence that makes every labradoodle wag its tail spontaneously.

Website and copywriting

Vleeshandel Le Boeuf

Jan and Hélène want to be the best choice for restaurants and individuals with Le Bœuf.

The website and the copy had to radiate the same quality. ✔︎

Website and copywriting


“Als wijnmaker werk je nauw samen met de natuur en de elementen. Het is het samenspel van zon, regen, temperatuur en wind waaruit prachtige dingen ontstaan. Woest vangt de aroma’s die getuigen van die onstuimige schoonheid, vrijheid en bourgondische goesting. “

Tim van de Woestyne is a structural engineer and winegrower. He is trained as a Sommelier Conseil and grows wine in France and Belgium. The hobby and passion quickly got out of hand and Tim soon bottled some beautiful wines.

Tim wanted a suitable marketing strategy. Website, logo, labels, brochure and packaging.

Website and copywriting

Wine Not

Tim wanted to respond to the trend of less alcohol. The quest for a worthy alternative is the basis of Wine Not. A tasty and charismatic wine without alcohol.

We took care of the website including content and marketing.

Website and copywriting

Champagne Le Woest

Le Woest is the champagne department of the Flemish wine house Woest.

The Caby Cries got to taste it and decided it was good! We therefore made a suitable website including content.

Website and copywriting

Woest Bier

Tim Van De Woesteyne brings a special tripel on the market with his Woest beer. The beer landscape is very competitive, so a good marketing strategy is not an afterthought.

We made the website and wrote the story. The delicious taste does the rest.

Website and copywriting

B-coat autolakken

Philippe is a passionate entrepreneur in the chemical sector. For his import and distribution company, he wanted a professional and stylish website with business and SEO copy.

We selected and chose the right content and built a beautiful whole.

Website, copywriting and logo


Anouschka, Estétique’s manager, focuses on ‘real’ people with real bodies. Her goal: To feel good about yourself.

We were allowed to help start her new company with a beautiful website that clearly explains her company identity. Through Google Ads, we help Anouschka get new leads every week.

Webshop, copywriting and logo

Lekker Makkelijk

Lekker Makkelijk is an innovative meal concept from Heidi and Peter.

Our assignment was clear: A website with content that clearly explains the concept with an online ordering and payment system. It also had to be easy to adjust things yourself.

Webshop, copywriting and logo


Ellen is a power lady who knows what she wants. Her thriving beauty salon/bridal suite and hair salon needed a makeover to match her personality. With great pleasure we have created a website with a webshop that tells her story.

Webshop and copywriting

Belgian Treasures

“If you want a souvenir from Belgium and want hip dressing for your interior at the same time, Belgian Treasures is the place. A place where contemporary ornaments and the romance of the Middle Ages merge.”

An is the owner of the souvenir shop in the historic heart of Ghent. Tourists feast on her tapestries and nice souvenirs. Her tapestries are sought after far abroad.

An extensive shop in different languages was therefore not a superfluous luxury.

Website and copywriting

Restaurant De Waterhoek

De waterhoek and its four sister restaurants wanted four matching websites that were very easily adaptable for the employees.

Our task was to build four similar websites where the administrators themselves could easily adjust all kinds of things quickly.

Webshop and copywriting

Timen Tables

“A table brings people together. A table is therefore not just a wooden top with legs, it is the place where stories arise.”

Sam is a passionate interior designer with a penchant for pure materials and childhood friend Mike can do magic with metal. A beautiful combination.

We helped them with a custom ‘design’ website and webshop. With expert google ads, we ensured a constant stream of great leads.

Timing tables is a success all the way. After 1 year, these 2 entrepreneurs are already moving to a building that is more than twice as large.



Jaro is a young man in his twenties who is brimming with entrepreneurship. With great enthusiasm he started an online fashion store.

We are happy to be part of this glitzy and promising project.

Website and copywriting

Carrozzeria Depoortere

Michael Depoortere is a professional coachwork repairer from rural Eke.

He wanted more visibility online and ordered a one-page website with a lot of horsepower from us.

Website and copywriting

Carrosserie JLS

Jaro’s liquid Solutions is a family business with more than 20 years of experience. Brian wanted more online visibility.

We built a beautiful site with the possibility to expand later with a shop to offer second-hand cars.

Website and copywriting

DJ Geert

Geert is a swinging DJ from the Kempen. He wanted a nice digital signboard to get bookings in as quickly as possible. We wrote the texts with a lot of love, we looked for suitable images and we poured this together into a stylish web design. ✔︎

Website and copywriting

In Speculo

“We help interior design shops to highlight their glass pieces. Decorators who want a certain color for their tea lights, candle holders or vases are regular customers in our studio.”

In Ruddervoorde you can contact Inge Vermet. She is an artist with the spray gun.

We were commissioned to set up a beautiful online presence for In Speculo.

Website, copywriting and logo


Guido is a distributor of bodywork products in and around Oudenaarde.

We gave him a new logo and a nice only presence.

Website and copywriting


Abdel is a sporty hip distributor of products for bodywork repair and car materials.

He wanted a simple but beautiful and clear website for his distribution point in Antwerp.

Website, copywriting and logo

D-luxe Ballooning

Flying is magic

Davy is an experienced balloonist and adventurer. He provides an unforgettable experience floating on the wind.

We let his website go ‘on air’, chose suitable visual material, wrote clear copy and designed a nice logo.

Website, copywriting and logo

Copywriter Frederiek

With a good story, every customer hangs on every word of your product or service.”

Frederiek is a creative copywriter. He wanted a sober, accessible and fun website.

We built the website, of course he wrote the content himself.

Website, copywriting and online brochure


”Our products are designed to make you shine!

Sachin Sumaria, director of Supa Brite Limited, develops products to clean surfaces fast and thoroughly. So families can fully enjoy their time together in a clean and healthy environment. We only have one planet. It belongs to our children, our future generation, and that is why we develop our products in a sustainable way. 

The Baby Cries got the assignment to make a perfect website for the Kenyan market.

Webshop and copywriting

Impresso Espresso Patisserie

”Impresso espresso is a yummy experience, a moment to relax and unwind with desserts, fresh fruits, and vitamin-packed salads.

Family Shah wants to spread the love for artisanal bread & luscious sweets. 

This beautiful Kenyan family needed a tasty website and an even tastier shop to showcase their goodies.✔︎


Webshop and copywriting

Kifaru Shop

“Africa on your tongue, around your body or in your interior. Craftsmanship that you must discover, taste and experience. Kifaru Shop is therefore a rich grazing land for the indigenous European.”

Olivier Vanden Eynde makes IT accessible to young people in developing countries. On the other hand, he also wants to introduce Europeans to products developed in Africa.

Kifaru Shop had to be a platform for African products, a gateway to Africa.

Website and copywriting

L'intimo Mol Lingerie

L’intimo is a lingerie store where you will be warmly welcomed by mother lse and daughter Céline.

A perfectly fitting website was the next logical step in this beautiful growth story.

Website and copywriting

K-I-M Work

Kim Van Houtven is a true mentor and inspirer. She guides companies through turbulent waters.

Our job was a website with a blog that makes this Nordstar shine. ✔︎

Website, copywriting and affiches

Silver Story Festival

The organizers wanted to create a new festival at the Zilvermeer in Mol.

We took out our festival survival kit and created a suitable name, poster, website and all kinds of promotional material. Party!

Website and copywriting

Golfschool Gent

“Golf is more than a sport. It’s a sporty walk in nature, it’s a cozy get-together, it’s meeting and above all it’s a (relaxing) exciting game. Golf is passion.”

Marc, Rita and son Steven are the passionate directors of Golf School Ghent.

Assignment: A website is mainly there as a service for members and to introduce as many people as possible to the sport of golf. At the same time, Marc wanted to be able to work on the website quickly and easily.

Website and copywriting

Adaptor Osteopathie

“The human body is a complex and fascinating ecosystem. There is a constant interaction between muscles, tissues, organs and emotions.”

Lieveke Verspeek listens and advises with the aim of creating a better quality of life for the patient.

She wanted a website and copywriting that inspires and motivates her patients. ✔︎

Design and copywriting

Gemeente Retie

Project Liever Lokaal.

We were allowed to take care of the texts and design of the magazine.

For this we interviewed the locals of Retie. This resulted in a pleasant introduction to 36 enthusiastic traders and an inspiring municipality.


Bistroo Tabloo

With a lot of love we made this delicious brochure for Bistroo Tabloo.

Design and copywriting

Woest Drinks

This brochure serves as a support for the representative who prospects thirsty people.

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